Threats are inevitable.

Monitoring is everything!

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Cyberthreats are real and exposure could cost you everything.

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Systems Aren't Enough

It isn’t enough to have systems that tell you when you have a problem; you need skilled personnel ready to recognize and respond to those problems. Anytime and all the time. 


You Need 24/7 Personnel

However, as a business, or even a Managed Service Provider (MSP), you probably don’t have the personnel or budget to run a compliant Security Operations Center (SOC) all the time. 


Vijilan = Systems + US Personnel

Vijilan provides that missing piece in your organization’s security by staffing their US-based SOC with the best personnel in the industry to watch over your company and efficiently respond to cyber attacks 24/7. 

ThreatRespond is a powerful Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) solution that’s purpose-built for our MSP partners. Adding this high-demand offering to your existing solution stack is easy, and deployment for a client takes less than an hour.

You will unlock new growth potential with both new and existing clients by offering 100% US-based threat response and remediation without taking on the costs or risks involved with operating your own Security Operations Center (SOC). With the ability to monitor any device or workstation and track events on Office 365, you can ensure your clients that they will be protected by the comprehensive data and network security solution that the modern threat landscape demands.

Vijilan ThreatRespond™

Vijilan’s flagship service combines complete purchasing, setup, and maintenance of the industry-leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system with our US personnel monitoring it every second.

Delivering unparalleled 24/7 live monitoring from Vijilan’s 100% US based Security Operations Center (SOC). The SOC team constantly monitors, investigates, and resolves threats that the SIEM detects, and Vijilan Aurora categorizes.

Saving you time and stress by resolving many threats beforehand and creating manageable event tickets that can integrate with most PSA/CRM/RMM tools.

To further aid your organization, insightful Vijilan reports of SIEM events can be generated on demand or scheduled to fit, including: Compliance, Audit, Incident, and Executive Reports.

What People Say About Vijilan


As an IT Managed Service Provider, we routinely help our clients meet PCI and HIPAA requirements and other data security regulations. Our clients need to have adequate controls for log management, including collection, review, and retention. Automated and centralized solutions like Vijilan are essential for us to provide our clients with the necessary tools to meet the key components of these regulations.


We are very diligent about selecting vendor partners that makeup our platform. We are happy to say that we have been working with Vijilan for quite some time, and our relationship & experience has been excellent. Their platform provides us MSP friendly affordable pricing, that allows us to easily bundle the service into our managed services. They provide us a 24/7 SOC without needing to try to staff it & manage it on our own.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we don't. We are 100% channel, so our partners never have to compete with us. If you're an end-user looking for cybersecurity services, please contact us and we can direct you to a suitable partner!

Absolutely. Our services are white-label, so you can rebrand them to fit your business as needed.

When you partner with Vijilan, we provide the technology, expertise, and SOC staff to monitor your clients. As the MSP or MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider), you will provide remediation and customer-facing support.


Vijilan Security, LLC

Vijilan provides 24/7 SOC services to MSPs/VARs. Our Security Operations Center is global, and our services are exclusive to the Channel.



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