The most affordable 24/7 enterprise security and monitoring solution.

With Threat Insight, Managed Service Providers (MSP) can offer dedicated SIEM and SOC services without having to stretch their clients’ budget. It’s inexpensive, effective, and ensures that your client’s security is never compromised and business runs seamlessly.

If you’re an MSP and not offering SIEM/SOC services, you’re leaving money on the table.

3-Step Enterprise Protection

Monitors files, devices, and enterprise networks for threats 24/7.

Automatically shows visible threats, malicious files, and infiltrations.

Offers real-time reports of potential attacks or break-in attempts.

Win the team over.

Demonstrate the 3-step enterprise protection and other benefits of SIEM and 24/7 SOC to your clients.

With Threat Insight, you can offer them at industry-beating prices. An offer your clients just can’t resist.

Increases revenue for MSPs through value-added services.

Competitive pricing improves MSP's competitive advantage.

Reduces burden on MSP tech teams by relieving manual monitoring

Protects the client’s business from operational or security blackouts.

Everybody Wins With Threat Insight!

As a partner, you get all these revenue-boosting benefits for just $99 a month ($199 for the offer is limited to just a few seats. sign up using the worm to unlock the pricing

Unlimited devices and users

Automated alerting and access to Reports

$99 per month per MSP partner

There are limited seats for this special offer.

Sign up now and begin 2022 with a peace of mind

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Testimonials from our clients and partners

Vijilan has enabled us to start building out our MSSP practice. One of the steps to building out a successful security team is to have a SOC. Vijilan has made it possible, and while we don’t want to tell you all our secrets, this one is clearly out of the bag now. What a great vendor to do business with.




[Vijilan’s] platform provides us MSP friendly affordable pricing, that allows us to easily bundle the service into our managed services. They provide us a 24/7 SOC without needing to try to staff it & manage it on our own.




On boarding team super fast and efficient. Always gives us great support in answering questions. Security team is great with notifying us of threats. Portal is super easy to understand and provides a great check list to complete client onboardings with ease.




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Best Cloud Solution 2018

ChannelPro SMB Forum

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Most Innovative Solution 2017

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Security 100 Coolest Security Vendors 2016


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