Managed SIEM

The Mythical Fix-All Solution
It used to be that if you wanted and needed the best protection for your organization, IT Security Consultants, experts, specialists, architects, and designers recommended that their clients deploy a dedicated Security Operations Center. As soon as the words “dedicated Security Operations Center” were mentioned however, directors, shareholders, board members, and personnel in account departments began to sweat and wonder what check would need to be written to cover the costs of peace of mind. If you could not afford the massive capital outlay for your own Security Operations Center (SOC) fully-staffed with an Incident Response Team (IRT) that operates every minute of every day, you at least needed a Network Operations Center (NOC) that also operated 24/7...which would still need to be staffed and require a massive, if slightly less, capital outlay. If you decided to go the SOC route, you definitely would be delivering your CIO or CISO an early Christmas present, but as soon as an Incident Response Program, policies, and procedures arose, CFOs will begin to tear their hair out in response to the skyrocketing costs.


Vijilan’s Turnkey Solution
Fortunately, experts and consultants realized they needed a full turnkey solution. They needed something that could be easily implemented and maintained. The solution should not interrupt business hours and be hands-off. Despite being hands-off, security cannot be compromised. Traditionally, a SIEM product could take months to implement, which was far from ideal. Added to this, it would need higher security standards and have to meet compliance standards. Most importantly, it needed to be cost-effective to keep those who control the purse strings happy.

IT Security Consultants are looking for vendors who have a true 24/7 Security Operations Center, highly skilled security analysts and engineers, Forensics and Incident Response team, and a Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) product. A vendor that will implement and manage their SIEM, fine-tune the correlation rules and alerts, validate the findings through its own Security Incident Response team, and assist in remediation activities.

It looked as if IT Security Consultants were on a quest similar to finding the Holy Grail of antiquity. The vendor would need to meet and exceed all the above requirements. They would also need a true 24/7 SOC, IRT, highly trained personnel, forensics, and a trusted SIEM product. The vendor would further need to implement and manage the SIEM, fine-tune correlation rules to prevent false positives, validate findings and if needed assist in remediation. And ideally, have all of the above deployed within an hour.

To meet all the above does seem impossible, and you would have more chance of finding the Holy Grail. Luckily, there is Vijilan, who not only meets the above list to ensure a comprehensive cyber security solution, but exceeds them. This award-winning company is here to assist IT Security Services in minutes, and at a cost that provides small to medium enterprises access to world-class service.


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