Event log Management and Storage

Compliance is one of the latest buzzwords being spoken in boardrooms and meetings. It can also be a word whispered round the water cooler when a data breach has occurred and the organization might have to contend with rising legal costs if not compliant. Whether it is Sarbanes Oxley, Basel II, HIPAA, GLB, FISMA, PCI DSS, or NISPOM compliance standards you need to meet, let Vijilan be your partner in ensuring you are not left in a legal quagmire.


Logs Hold the Key
Many of the above-mentioned compliance regulations and best practices require businesses and organizations to collect, monitor, and store all relevant logs including security logs. Often, logs need to be stored safely for an extended period of time, and for some regulatory compliance pieces of legislation that can be up to 7 years.

The reason why logs have become so important in the quest to ensure regulatory compliance is because every system generates reams and reams of logs. In fact, every time an event is generated by the system and a piece of hardware, for example, a log is generated. This forms a practical record of all the activity on a system.

Other than security-related events, logs are also generated for application events, system events, directory services events, and DNS events. While security logs feature heavily in discussions around compliance, other event logs can indicate poor system performance, malicious and erratic behaviour, as well as providing very important information regarding to audits.


Vijilan is Here to Help
At Vijilan, we have a unique understanding of the importance of compliance but also the difficulty of remaining compliant. This difficulty can become insurmountable for small to medium enterprises who need to spend all their time on their core business. That is why at Vijilan our fully-managed service not only includes a world-class security service, but also provides assistance in adhering to compliance regulations and remaining complaint. This gives the business or organization time to focus on what really matters while Vijilan handles the rest.


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Our core mission at Vijilan is providing MSPs with the best possible security monitoring solution for their customers. By partnering with Vijilan you will have direct access to all of our world-class features, ensuring that your clients will have the best possible security posture when addressing all the threats faced by modern business today. Become a partner today and be welcomed into security monitoring redefined.

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