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In the past, deciding on implementing a SIEM solution was an endeavor that could only be pursued by the biggest multinationals, and even then it was done with much trepidation. The normal course of events would go as follows: those in charge of cyber security would need to convince upper management and their respective boards that such a solution is a must; after agreeing the process of finding and deploying the right solution would begin; from implementation to deployment would take months; besides a massive capital expenditure on an up-to-date SOC, the company would need to hire SOC analysts and experts in their field; months would be spent developing correlation rules that would minimize false positives and further time being wasted; the cost would spiral out of control leaving financial managers in tears.

Conversely, Vijilan’s unique approach to simplifying SIEM can be seen as a breath of fresh air. Rather than go through the above scenario, which is impossible for many small to medium enterprises, Vijilan does everything for you. No surprise bills that give the financial department nightmares, no long delays in deployment, and a unique solution tailored to your clients’ needs.

Vijilan Simplifying SIEM
Through the application of over 15 years’ experience within the cybersecurity industry, those behind Vijilan were acutely aware of the cost and practical limitations facing SIEM deployment. Despite the obvious potential offered by such solutions in preventing and responding to threats, they were hamstrung from the beginning. These problems could be solved, and by applying Vijilan’s unique business model of supplying their product to MSPs, small to medium enterprises could have the best possible cybersecurity solution.

Given the rate that attacks against small to medium enterprises have drastically increased year after year, many MSPs and their clients were stuck. They needed the best possible security solution but could not afford it. Vijilan invested heavily in their SOC and selected the best staff possible to run it, which enabled them to offer a fully-managed SIEM solution with a world-class SOC and Incident Response Team (IRT) for a monthly subscription fee.

Many industries have increasingly stricter compliance regulations. In order to remain compliant, experts recommend that logs and events are stored for a certain period of time. As part of Vijilan’s fully managed service, all required logs are stored to ensure your organization is compliant with regulations and best practices.

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