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Protect your customers with 24x7 Shield IT

A powerful MXDR solution.

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End to End cybersecurity solution

With Shield IT, you can choose from standalone SOC monitoring, more robust SOC + NOC service, or bundled SNOC monitoring and remediation for full support.


We continuously monitor your client’s environment, collecting data from network, endpoint, users, and cloud applications.


When a potential malicious activity is detected, an alert is created and sent over for triage and investigation.


Our 24/7 SOC team performs rapid triage and investigations to determine the severity of each threat and take necessary action.


The 24/7 SOC and NOC collaborate to provide containment, eradication, and recovery to limit the impact and resume business operations quickly.

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It’s simple. Our per-site pricing model has been designed to help you and your clients increase your margins and bring you peace of mind while keeping your clients’ data safe and protected.

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