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Vijilan Insight

Vijilan is constantly enhancing its solution based on our MSP partner’s feedback. We have been busy over the past year developing a state of the art security monitoring solution that allows you to scale your offerings and improve profitability.

Vijilan Release Day 2020

Watch the recordings of our release event reviewing our last 5 years and new releases! We made exciting announcements and hosted informational sessions.

cybersecurity threats

7 Types Of Cyber Security Threats

As technologies advance in the digital world, cyber threats are surging at an alarming rate. Whether it is a corporate business or gaming world, every

siem security solutions

What Is SIEM, And How Does It Work?

An undetected cyber threat poses the risk of massive financial loss or even insolvency to businesses. Cyber protection is vital to secure the sensitive data of organizations.

digital security tips

Digital Security Tips and Solutions

The alarming increase in cybercrime and cyber-attacks has become a global concern. Massive conglomerates are not the only targets of cybercriminals — even medium and

cyber security threats

New Challenges For Cybersecurity In 2022

Over the past few years, organizations and businesses experienced great digital transformation. Unfortunately, the significant advancement in technology created opportunities for more hackers, scammers, and phishers.