What Is SIEM, And How Does It Work?

An undetected cyber threat poses the risk of massive financial loss or even insolvency to businesses. Cyber protection is vital to secure the sensitive data of organizations.
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An undetected cyber threat poses the risk of massive financial loss or even insolvency to businesses. Cyber protection is vital to secure the sensitive data of organizations. Besides, companies need to protect their networks. Devices connected to the corporate internet may create paths for attacks. The Security Information And Event Management (SIEM) security solutions can detect cyber threats and prevent them from disrupting business operations.

What Is SIEM?

What Is SIEM

Security Information and Events Management, SIEM, is a cybersecurity solution. The SIEM technology gathers security data from domain controllers, network devices, servers, and other sources across your company’s IT infrastructure. It offers real-time analysis for security monitoring by aggregating log data, events, and security alerts.

Early detection of vulnerabilities and potential security threats can help prevent the disruption of business operations resulting from cyber-attacks. The SIEM security solution also exposes abnormalities in user behavior. Through the analysis of the collected data, it can detect threats and help companies to investigate alerts.

SIEM security solution is ideal for handling the ever-evolving cyber threats, reporting, and regulatory compliance. The SIEM technology gives security teams more visibility into their organizations’ environments. It also provides a track record of activities within it. Consequently, the security teams can swiftly respond to the marked alerts.

SIEM is an essential tool for threat detection in security operation centers, SOCs. Unlike the log management solutions. It uses artificial intelligence to provide cutting-edge user and entity behavior analytics. Besides, security teams can integrate SIEM security solutions with other products.

How SIEM Works

How SIEM Works

This software collects events and data generated by companies’ host systems, applications, and security devices. SIEM security solutions all carry out data aggregation and consolidation. They also have sorting functions that enable them to identify threats and observe data compliance requirements.

The SIEM software groups the data gathered from firewall logs, antivirus events, and other sources into various classes. Successful and failed logins and malware activity are a few of these categories. A SIEM security solution will generate an alert when it detects a threat via network security surveillance. It will also give details of the threat based on the specified commands.

Once SIEM software detects threats, it generates security alerts. It can flag several attempts, say a hundred times, to log into an account within a few minutes as an attempted attack. However, it won’t mark another person who tried just a few times within the same period. The SIEM technology minimizes the time wasted on false positives and improves investigative efficiency.

Though the capabilities of SIEM solutions differ, they perform similar essential functions. Here are the operations that most of them perform.

A. Log Data Collection

SIEM software stores and analyzes event data captured from various sources on a company’s network. The real-time analysis outcome helps security teams manage their organizations’ network event log and data flow.

Besides, some SIEM security solutions work together with real-time threat intelligence feeds. The integration allows the software to link its internal security data to previously identified threat profiles and signatures. As a result, SIEM software can detect or block new attack features.

B. Event Analysis And Correlation

SIEM solutions use advanced analytics to isolate and understand complex data patterns. Then, they link related events. The correlation gives a better understanding of quickly detecting and alleviating the potential threats to an organization’s security. It improves threat detection and response time.

C. Surveillance Of Security Incidents

SIEM technology can recognize all the units of the IT environment. As a result, it can monitor an organization’s network for security events across all the endpoints. While watching the network, SIEM solutions categorize irregularities detected in the network.

SIEM technology is a preferred tool for organizations to gather and verify compliance data for their businesses. The SIEM security solutions can generate immediate compliance reports and other standards requirements. Some SIEM software can produce automated reports.

Benefits of SIEM

Time is a priority in reducing the effects of a security incident. Research has shown that it takes an average of 207 days and 73 days to detect and contain a data breach. However, managing a cyber-threat sooner will save the victim from financial loss. SIEM security solutions can hasten detection, investigation, and response to security-related incidents.

Companies need SIEM solutions to monitor and mitigate security risks. They also minimize the impact of a data breach on businesses. Here are ways through which it can benefit businesses.

1. Detection Of Threats

SIEM security solutions use AI technology, and integrated threat feeds to detect and respond to data breaches. They can successfully minimize the impact of SQL injections, DDoS attacks, insider threats, data exfiltration, and phishing attacks.

2. Advanced Real-time Threat Identification

A SIEM solution can actively monitor your organization’s entire IT infrastructure. As a result, it reduces the time it would have taken to detect and respond to vulnerabilities and possible network threats. The solution helps to strengthen your corporate network as your business expands.

3. AI-driven Automation

The latest SIEM security solutions work with robust Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) abilities. These solutions use deep machine learning to identify complex threats and respond to incidents faster than the security teams. The integration saves resources and time for security teams as they manage the IT security of companies.

4. Compliance Auditing And Reporting

SIEM security solutions produce real-time audits and give regulatory compliance reports when needed. They simplify collecting and analyzing security events and system logs through advanced Automation. The approach reduces resource expenditures required for meeting the compliance reporting standards.

5. Forensic Investigations

SIEM security solutions are ideal for conducting digital forensic investigations if a security incident occurs. The data SIEM software collected from an organization’s network helps analyze new events or recreate past ones. This function is vital in the investigation of suspicious activities.


SIEM solutions strengthen the IT security of companies. It gives the security teams more visibility of the IT environments. Teams can efficiently cooperate and communicate when handling suspected security attacks. Consequently, the technology can improve inter-departmental efficiencies in an organization. Investing in SIEM security solutions protects your company’s network from threats and minimizes the impact of data breaches. With Vijilan as your company’s cybersecurity partner, you will get many benefits in terms of robust monitoring and scalability at cost-effective prices. Our process and technology provide premium cybersecurity solutions for all your company’s needs. Request a free demo today and learn more about how Vijilan can help safeguard your company.


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