Reasons Why You Need 24×7 Cyber Security Monitoring

Daily, you may have various security activities in large numbers, entering into your network system. Since these events can occur around the clock
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Daily, you may have various security activities in large numbers, entering into your network system. Since these events can occur around the clock, your IT team will go through a noticeable challenge of taking careful examination of unwanted entries into the system. For this reason, it is necessary to monitor and identify the main threat that constitutes the dangers of compromise.

With 24×7 cyber security monitoring, your company’s security problems can be well managed through expert and skillful security service providers, who will rapidly help in improving your system’s threat notifications. They also help you use up several security tactics. The following are some strong reasons why considering 24×7 cyber security monitoring is pertinent for your company.

It Helps you Identify Network Security Rivals

With threat intelligence, you can point out your adversaries. Where your company’s information suffers a prolonged attack, it can be a result of a weak detection and response outcome. Indeed, cyber breaches and attacks can occur at any time and to anyone, which is why there is a need for you to be conscious of your security environment daily and hourly. Carefully taking an evaluation of your system activities can help you monitor and control unwanted entries into the device, hence the need for cyber intelligence, round the clock.

The combination of 24×7 cyber security monitoring and threat intelligence can boost your security detection and response outcome to an improved level. 24×7 monitoring can be joined with threat intelligence, to make room for the identification of threat adversaries. You can find out the reasons for their actions, how they lunch attacks, and what means they may use to access your company’s security information.

Mean-Time-To-Respond is Improved

benefits of cybersecurity monitoring

Many network security teams identify the main quantitative measurement to achieve efficacy in mean-time detection and response. So, the moment a notification is created by your security team or a threat is detected or identified, it suddenly becomes a subject of how much time can be consumed on restraining and improving the threat.

A few businesses have invested millions of dollars in endpoint security, antivirus, firewalls, and other security platforms. However, these technologies can produce a large number of notifications every day. Through such alerts, your IT team can suffer enormous notification stress. Fortunately, 24×7 cyber security monitoring can help in improving your business, by improving MTTR and MTTD when the correct notification is in use. All that is required is a team of security experts to leverage system automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and composure to improve notifications and identify significant security events.

Regulatory Requirements and Strict Compliance

Cybersecurity regulatory compliance

Security teams now pay attention to addressing recent regulatory and compliance requirements that may cost millions in penalties and fines, for not complying with government regulations. Among the most pressing and recently made global regulation activity that influences the information of several organizations and businesses is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Also, the U.S. is presently operating a new bill, known as Breach Notification and Data Security Act.

This regulation is the first national government requirement that can penalize business organizations that have been compromised. Nowadays, many countries take consumer information privacy and immunity seriously, by bringing in the practice of new laws, that can hold organizations responsible.
What’s more? It makes it crucial for your business or organization to apply necessary practices that help reduce information breaches. It also ensures security control measures that protect consumer information. Many organizations would prefer to invest in continuous security and network monitoring from an expert cyber security provider, as it ensures protection around the clock.

There is a Rapid Change in the Cybersecurity Landscape

Recently, several businesses have encountered disturbing landscape dangers in their system, more than before. This is why the rate of cybercrime worldwide was roughly estimated to reach beyond $2.1 trillion as of the year 2019. Nearly every month, you are likely to hear about a significant information breach in many organizations. Therefore, businesses at the top face so many difficulties when trying to maintain the continuous flow of threats directed daily at the security team.

24×7 cyber security monitoring is not limited to small size businesses alone. All businesses are targets for cyber attackers, as companies aim at investing in cyber attack prevention. Therefore, both SMBs and big businesses are encountering an onslaught of difficulties and minimal or poor internal resources, as well as a market for professional network security teams to control everything. The market should involve having a security partner that can monitor your business security environment daily and throughout the year. According to Gartner’s predictions, security outsourcing will be the main cyber security investment criterion in the future.

Minimize Data Breaches

A professional security team reviewing security activities and information daily will assist you in the improvement of a Mean-Time-to-Detect (MTTD). Therefore, the standard MTTD was stipulated after the 2017 Ponemon rate of information breach study, where about 491 organizations were monitored in the space of 191 days with a target event up to about 546 days. If a cyber criminal attacked at that time of the survey, the damage would have been drastic. This is because, security rivals invade the environment to cause notable havoc on your security system, thereby stealing sensitive information.

The report also showed that most of the information breaches were caused by internal criminals and cyber attackers. The U.S. and Canadian Companies also spend large amounts for every record, at the rate of $201 and $224, to solve problems related to data breaches. The present Equifax information breach has exposed about 140 million companies’ information to security rivals. Companies faced with this situation did not only spend large amounts to resolve the problem, but they also became less reputable to shareholders.


A 24×7 cyber security monitoring service will help you in overcoming crucial security problems in your company’s network. Get in touch with a highly certified network provider that is skillful and certified, to assist you in offloading the difficult security tasks of sifting through numerous notifications.


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