Cyberattacks Against Hospitals and Healthcare Increasing in 2020

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As a cybersecurity provider, you know that healthcare institutions are common targets for ransomware attacks. Generally, bad actors will encrypt vital medical data and demand a ransom to unlock access. Hackers are also stealing patient records at an alarmingly high rate, as it is one of the most profitable forms of private data that hackers can sell on the dark web.

Hospitals and practices also play host to a lot of Internet-connected equipment that cannot be secured with traditional endpoint solutions. To complicate things even further, staff at these operations typically lack proper cyberthreat awareness and mitigation training.Of course, healthcare-focused attacks are nothing new.

The following are ransomware attacks were carried out against the industry in 2019.

The Vijilan SOC team predicts that ransomware attacks against the healthcare vertical will rise sharply in 2020. Hackers go for low-hanging fruit, and Healthcare is such a known easy target now that attackers are not going to relent. The result? More healthcare providers will lose patients, lose public trust, or be forced to close down altogether.

The healthcare sector should take a proactive approach against ransomware by investing in preventive measures. This is where your MSP or MSSP comes in. Are you ensuring that your healthcare-industry clients are fully protected? If they’re not, your business is just as vulnerable to the risk, backlash, and bad press.

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