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Vijilan understands when you trust someone else with your clients, they need to be reliable and deserving of your trust. That’s why we are as dedicated to your client’s success as you are.

We Don’t Compete with You

You shouldn’t have to worry about being outsold by us, and that’s why Vijilan is 100% channel. We focus on providing you with the best white-labeled SIEM-SOC or SaaS solutions to resell with confidence.

We Refer Business to You

We provide you with the white-labeled services for you to resell with your markup to your existing clients, and we send you new vetted customers so you can grow your business even faster.

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Vijilan ThreatRespond™

Vijilan’s flagship service combines complete purchasing, setup, and maintenance of the industry-leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system with our US personnel monitoring it every second.

Delivering unparalleled 24/7 live monitoring from Vijilan’s 100% US based Security Operations Center (SOC). The SOC team constantly monitors, investigates, and resolves threats that the SIEM detects, and Vijilan Aurora categorizes.

Saving you time and stress by resolving many threats beforehand and creating manageable event tickets that can integrate with most PSA/CRM/RMM tools.

To further aid your organization, insightful Vijilan reports of SIEM events can be generated on demand or scheduled to fit, including: Compliance, Audit, Incident, and Executive Reports.

Vijilan Aurora™

Already have a Security Operations Center (SOC) but looking to take it to the next level? 

Vijilan’s Aurora SaaS brings all the software benefits of our ThreatRespond service to your SOC. Categorize threats as they happen, integrate event tickets with your PSA/CRM/RMM tools, and schedule or request insightful reports and analytics. 

By improving your team’s productivity and focus thanks to consolidated and prioritized incidents you will end up saving money even after your subscription to Aurora. 

Aurora can increase your current team’s effectiveness and efficiency and is ready to grow with you to handle additional customers with ease. 

You are just one hour away from growing your business.

Step 1: Schedule Your Demo

See just how easy it is by walking through the process and viewing the intuitive Partner Portal dashboard.

Step 2: Begin Monitoring Your Customers

After the partner process, you will get a certificate to become an official Vijilan security service provider and can onboard your first client within 1 hour!

Step 3: Become your Clients' Hero

We stay available to you and your staff 24/7 to continue your training to become security experts and your client’s favorite resource.

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Why Vijilan

Over Other Security Vendors?

It’s very easy to partner with us. We are selling our services 100% through the MSP channel so we never compete with you. You can try our services for one month and cancel without any penalty. We charge per device and not per Events Per Second (EPS), whereas most vendors and service providers charge per EPS so the price fluctuates every month. We have full integration with most ticketing systems such as ConnectWise. Our flagship service includes: Cloud based SIEM, IRT, and 24/7 SOC. And most importantly, the onboarding takes about an hour from start-to-finish. And that includes installing our virtual appliance, configuring the devices and engaging our SOC.


No contracts plus extra features added over time will not increase your cost.


We’ll never be bought out and leave you to deal with a new parent company.


We won’t just find threats and leave you, we guide you all the way to fix the problem.


You will get a US-based customer representative immediately.
Don’t believe us? Try it! Call 123-456-7890 now and see how fast and friendly we are.


We work with and train your staff to become experts themselves.


Try before you buy, don’t get locked into a contract with something you don’t like.

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Vijilan Security, LLC

Vijilan provides 24/7 SOC services to MSPs/VARs. Our Security Operations Center is 100% US-based, and our services are exclusive to the Channel.



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