The ThreatInsight series continues!

Last month we announced our launch of ThreatInsight and briefly went over the benefits of this new sales tool. Next week, we are taking a deep dive into ThreatInsights valuable reporting features. 

You can't miss this exciting webinar hosted by our Vijilan sales team!

Stephen Smith

Senior Business Development at Vijilan Security, LLC

David Carraro

Senior Account Manager at Vijilan Security, LLC

In this webinar...

You will get an inside look into ThreatInsight’s executive report. Additionally, our sales team will walk you through how to effectively present this report to your clients.

Come to our webinar to learn how to get the most value from our SIEM/SOC sales tool to grow your business and generate sales.

When: Thursday, April 21 1:30pm EST

Haven’t heard of ThreatInsight? Watch this video

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