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Vijilan Security and IT By Design join forces to To bring Managed Extended Detection and Response (mXDR) to Information Technology and Managed Service Providers worldwide

A specialized operators of Security and network Operations Centers boosts customers’ ability to quickly and cost effectively scale IT network security operations, significantly enhancing security resiliency

Aventura, FL—February 14, 2022—Vijilan Security (Vijilan), a Security Monitoring Company, announced today that it has partnered with IT By Design (ITBD) to create a unified Managed Extended Detection and Response offering, branded as mXDR.

Vijilan, a premium Security Monitoring, Detection and Response vendor, known for its US Based Security operations of 24x7 SOC services, Cloud native Security Information & Event Management (SIEM), and highly skilled Security Analysts and Incidents Responders, partners with ITBD, nation's largest privately held Master Managed Services Provider (MMSP), known for its global operations of 24x7 NOC services and dedicated engineers, to provide a MSP focused, cost effective, and modern managed SOC and NOC operations services. This strategic partnership allows the MSPs to receive a turnkey solution to not only detect, analyze, and investigate cyber-attacks, but also respond through threat containment, eradication, and remediation.

Everything generates logs.

To monitor your systems and networks for security threats and breaches, you have to collect information from all the systems in your office, (e.g., firewalls, servers, file servers, switches routers, and wireless routers), and endpoints like laptops, workstations and servers. And then analyze them for threast.
You have to do this for lcoud, on premises devices in your office, and remote workers.



Remote workers

The logs from all these extended networks are collected and analyzed for threats.

An intruder has entered your systems

As intruder is accessing your email and files

Your files are going to be encrypted for a ransom

The logs are then sent to our Security Operation Center that investigates and responds to information security incidents like cyber attacks against an organization.

IT By Design will receive alerts from Vijilan and take action. The action could be incident containment, eradication, and recovery. The remediation.

“Malware detected On the system” And Intruder was identified in the network”

A ransomware attack has been detected.

ITBD is highly regarded in the industry as the leader in outsourced Network Management and Operations service provider. They provide optimized network and security solutions for the most elite Managed Service Providers in the US and around the world. They have developed strong relationships with MSPs and have developed a comprehensive programs to not only help MSPs grow their businesses but also solve one of the most challenging XXX that the industry faces today and that’s talent shortage. With uptick of attacks in the last several years, in part due to increases remote workers, global pandemic and economic changes, ITBD and Vijilan are going to bring talent, technology, and well developed methodologies for both SOC and NOC operations to masses.

“They can significantly reduce the security breach life cycle or the dwell time from the moment it’s identified all the way up to the point when it’s eradicated. ” said Luis Medici, Senior Product Manager at Vijilan.

“The benefit of this joint partnership is time to value, threat intel and hunting, improved collaboration, managed extended detection & response, automation and orchestration.”

Luis Medici.

This combined effort, moves MSPs beyond minimal, check box compliance to become extremely resilient and highly effective at withstanding and defending against most extreme adversaries and become resilient to all class of cyber criminals.

ITBD and Vijilan will develop a centralized workflow and highly integrated communication strategies to minimize cyber threat’s negative impact.

“Responding to security incidents does not happen in isolation. This partnership allows us take advantage of the power of talent that exists within our SOC/NOC operations and the tools used by both organizations. We realize the significant gap that exists in the cyber security space. We are going to design a modular program allowing security and network professionals to learn and grow as quickly as they can while combating threats autonomously”,

Sunny Kaila

Founder & Global CEO at IT By Design

“Given the strong culture of both companies and our obsessions with MSPs, we will make sure the team that delivers the services is best fit for personality, team culture, and desired capabilities.” added Kaila

Both ITBD and Vijilan have broad foothold in the MSP space. They are going to build strong and integrated hunting methodologies and Threat Intelligence capabilities that take Indicators of compromise from an active incident in one partner, and apply that to extended networks across all their customer’s base.

“So Both ITBD and Vijilan are going to provide customized delivery experience. A dedicated team of security analysts, incident responders, and partner support specialists that work within given vertical and geography, and intimately tailored to the MSP’s environments.”

Our Managed Service Providers complement their services with our ability to hunt and respond to incidents. Our methodologies combined with our threat intelligence capabilities will take indicators of compromise from an active incident in one client and allows us to apply that to extended networks at scale. Finding potential intrusions quickly and coupling those findings with customized, prescriptive, action-oriented alerts is what makes our MSP partners love our combined xMDR service.

Luis Medici

Senior Product manager at Vijilan


Vijilan Security

Vijilan is a security monitoring company that alerts IT organizations and Managed Services Providers (MSPs) when a potential security breach is taking place in their organization or customers environment. Vijilan's continuous monitoring operates in Aventura, Florida and includes threat detection and response in near real-time. Vijilan delivers the technologies, processes, and people as a service primarily through Managed Service Providers (MSPs). SIEM-SOC-Incident Response as one product.


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Vijilan Security


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With over two decades of experience as a technology services provider—first as an MSP, and then for MSPs—IT by Design (ITBD) helps clients navigate the volatile technical landscape. As the authority on MSP-trained technical talent, it understands the challenges its customers face when recruiting team members. ITBD addresses those issues through many solutions: dedicated staffing, 24x7x365 NOC services, helpdesk solutions, RMM virtual admin, vCIO consulting, security, and professional services. ITBD is headquartered in New Jersey and has facilities in India and the Philippines. Learn more about ITBD at


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