Enterprises are generating logs from devices, users, applications, and other sensors in their environments.

Ingesting log data streams at lightning speed from a variety of sources requires advanced technologies and robust tools

The ability to parse and normalize log data from on-prem and cloud infrastructures into a structured single repository hold their own unique challenges.

Most technologies require you to set up more servers and manage more clusters as data log sources increase

They require you to add more Indexing servers, indexing clusters, and eventually indexing farms.

Log storage grows exponentially overtime

Allocating more engineers to manage the infrastructure is simply cost prohibitive

Above all, performance goes down as log data grows

It’s a vicious cycle that gets worse with time

There is a better way!

You need a tool that doesn't use indexing

You need a tool that compresses log data

You need a tool that requires fewer nodes without compromising performance

You need a tool that can store not just security logs but also application and system logs

We have a solution!

Vijilan has successfully developed its own Security Event Management to better deal with real-time monitoring, correlation of events, notifications, visualizations and presentation.

This powerful cloud-based application has deep integration into one of the world’s most powerful log management solutions, Humio.

We use Humio for long-term storage, analysis and reporting of log data. Vijilan leverages Humio as a Security Information Management and advanced analytical capabilities.

Vijilan protects organizations against cyber threats through continuous monitoring. We have the technology, people, and processes to deliver premium cybersecurity monitoring solution that is cost-effective and scales as your business evolves.

We can do the same for you. Implement and co-manage Humio for your organization.

Testimonials from our clients and partners

Vijilan has enabled us to start building out our MSSP practice. One of the steps to building out a successful security team is to have a SOC. Vijilan has made it possible, and while we don’t want to tell you all our secrets, this one is clearly out of the bag now. What a great vendor to do business with.




[Vijilan’s] platform provides us MSP friendly affordable pricing, that allows us to easily bundle the service into our managed services. They provide us a 24/7 SOC without needing to try to staff it & manage it on our own.




On boarding team super fast and efficient. Always gives us great support in answering questions. Security team is great with notifying us of threats. Portal is super easy to understand and provides a great check list to complete client onboardings with ease.




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