Rules & Models Of SIEM Threat Detection

9 Mar 2019
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SIEM is a way to deal with security management that consolidates the two functions named SIM and SEM, into one security management framework. Get to know some connection rules and guidelines of SIEM threat detection.

5 Reason Why Your Infrastructure Needs 24*7 Cyber Security Monitoring

6 Mar 2019
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Today, even the large IT infrastructure can get security threats if they have not cybersecurity monitoring. These threats can be harmful to your organization. Read the article to know the benefits of 24*7 cyberSecurity Monitoring.

How Can an Active IRT Help You to Deal With Corporate Data Theft?

26 Feb 2019
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It is not a question of "If" a cyber attack occurs but a question of "When" will the cyber attack come, and daily, both large, mid size and small organizations are coming to the realization that running a business efficiently in this age of sophisticated cyber attacks will need adequate preparations and planning.

How Has Cyber Threat Challenged Modern Business Operations?

15 Feb 2019
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Modern businesses are daily facing different types of cyber threat attacks that are evolving day by day and getting more sophisticated.

5 Points to Consider to Avoid Cyber Theft

30 Jan 2019
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New technologies are emerging every now and then, in the same vein, cyber theft is increasing worldwide. From ransom ware to identity theft and credit card fraud as well as phishing, you could experience cyber theft as long as you are making use of computer in some of your daily activities, online shopping inclusive.

A List of Precautions to Maintain Cyber Security of Your Infrastructure

28 Jan 2019
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The rate at which the world is digitized, Virtually everything can now be done through the computer online. You can shop online with your financial details, consult online doctors with some of your important details as well, attend online classes and so on. And

What are SIEM and SOAR? Why They are So Important for Cyber Security?

25 Jan 2019
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Terms and abbreviations can get tangled in the regularly developing security marketplace. For instance, many use SIEM and SOAR reciprocally. In spite of the fact that security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) & security information and event management (SIEM) have capacities that supplement one another, they are not a similar thing.

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