MSPs: Why You MUST Offer a Reliable Cybersecurity Solution to Grow in 2018

24 Aug 2018
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Cybersecurity and regulatory compliance are two primary reasons businesses turn to managed IT services these days, according to ResearchandMarkets’ Managed Services Market 2017 report. With the sheer number of high-profile security breaches and ransomware attacks striking corporations and government agencies recently, the demand for reliable IT security comes as no surprise.

Restore Deleted Logs Using Python Script

12 Dec 2017
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When the Shadow Brokers released numerous hacking tools and exploits designed by the NSA-linked Equation Group, a lot of attention was given to the EternalBlue exploit. This was particularly the case in May this year when the EternalBlue exploit was leveraged with the WannaCry ransomware. The event made news headlines globally and managed to shut down large sections of the British National Health Service. With last year’s release of NSA tools there was one particularly nasty piece of malware, DanderSpritz.

Uber Again Shows How not to Deal with a Breach

29 Nov 2017
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Uber, the popular ride-hailing company, has an impressive history of making the news for almost all of the wrong reasons. This has happened to the extent that investors forced co-founder and ex-CEO Travis Kalanick to step down, paving the way for the new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi to pick up the pieces from past indiscretions. In the most recent case of terrible news for the company, hackers stole names, email addresses and phone numbers of 50 million Uber riders around the world and the personal information of about 7 million drivers, including some 600,000 U.S. driver’s license numbers. The company has stated that no Social Security numbers, credit card information, trip location details, or other data were taken.

Terdot Banking Trojan

21 Nov 2017
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Hackers and malware authors have always been a crafty bunch. Specialists among them are skilled at flying under the radar and remaining undetected for extended periods of time. Part of their strategy is to keep their malicious intellectual property theirs. “Open source” malware is by no means stealthy, as everyone from professional to amateur has access to it. 

Communication to CIO/CISO in the Health and Finance Industries

18 Aug 2017
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In the wake of the WannaCry and the more sinister Adylkuzz cyber-attacks, those employed as Chief Information Officers and Chief Information Security Officers within their organizations will be at the front line of defending their organizations against cyber threats. Due to the highly regulated nature of both the Finance and Health industries, compliance requiring security monitoring is of the utmost importance in preventing and mitigating cyber threats. However, the cost of creating in-house continuous cyber monitoring is inhibiting for most organizations. What is required is a partner. A partner who can provide 24/7 monitoring with extensive correlation rules combined with the right technology and experienced staff. All of which if done in-house can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Lessons in Compliance

7 Jul 2017
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With the recent announcement of Target reaching a settlement agreement with the State Attorneys Department in 47 States, many in industries that are reliant on information technology are reconsidering the importance of compliance. In total Target has agreed to pay $ 18,5 million to settle rather than waiting to hear what would happen if it went to court. Not only does Target have to pay the aforementioned agreed upon amount mentioned above; they must also implement a far more robust information security program. Even though Target is a large multi-national this fine cannot be deemed a drop in the ocean as it is not only the fine but the further cost of improving their information security systems. This settlement comes only months after Home Depot agreed on a settlement amount of $ 25 million for a data breach which affected numerous financial institutions.

WannaCry: A Stark Wake-up Call

16 May 2017
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Ransomware in the Headlines On Friday the world witnessed once more the global effect of malware and ransomware. By the end of Friday, over 200,000 computers from over 100 countries were infected by ransomware’s latest incarnation WannaCry. The creators of WannaCry managed to extract of 25,000 USD worth of Bitcoin in the few hours it was active. Ransomware is simply a form of malware which once executed encrypts files on your computer, you will then receive a ransom note informing that your files have been encrypted and in order to have access once more to your files you need to pay a ransom often within a certain timeframe.

Ransomware Will Evolve

17 Mar 2017
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With WannaCry dominating news headlines for a week, the world got a taste of what the future of ransomware may look like. Unfortunately, the future is most certainly not bright. Creators of ransomware are highly organized groups that on paper resemble companies in terms of structure and professionalism. The sole aim of such malware is to generate profit and such organized crime groups know their market incredibly well. Once your files become encrypted after infection the ransom note details how to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, and how to pay the ransom in order to have files decrypted. The amount needing to be paid is carefully considered, normally amounted to a few hundred dollars. So while the situation is infuriating, many victims decide to pay and hope it will not happen again.

Logs: The Forgotten Security Solution

6 Jan 2017
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The ever changing threat scape faced by organisations on a daily basis can keep staff, owners, and investors up at night. The ever present threat of a malicious cyber-attack can destroy an organisation no matter how big it is. How to combat and protect invaluable data in this cyber mine field? The answer lies in security log collection and analysis. What are logs? Logs, or security logs, are essentially record events either on a single device or a network as a whole. Logs record data such as logon events, object access, policy changes, privilege use, and system events just to name a few things recorded. Why are logs essential to cyber security?

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