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Managed Security Beyond the Trusted Advisor Role

The continued and escalating onslaught of cybercrime is causing many companies – particularly small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) – to seek the help of managed security service providers (MSSPs). Businesses are relying on solution providers like you to help them close these security gaps. But can you move beyond being Trusted Advisor to delivering the solutions and services they need? In this paper we’ll look at three reasons you need to offer 24/7 Security Services to your customer base.

Understanding the Advanced Threat Landscape

Cutting Through the APT hype to help your clients prevent, detect and mitigate advanced threats

Sophisticated cyber-espionage operations aimed at pilfering trade secrets and other sensitive data from corporate networks currently present the biggest threat to an MSP’s clients. Advanced threat actors ranging from nation-state adversaries to organized cyber-crime gangs are using zero-day exploits, customized malware toolkits and clever social engineering tricks to break into corporate networks, avoid detection, and steal valuable information over an extended period of time.

The Missing Link in Security

Business has never stopped evolving. From the very first Dino-Dentist and Tar Pit Taxidermist, SMBs have been shrinking, growing, re-focusing and changing. And when Ugg the caveman first discovered his competitor trying to steal trade secrets, the security market was born. Yesterday’s wooden club is today’s firewall.

Of course, at some point, there came along a savvy erect-standing, fur-clad business owner who figured out that he had better things to do than manage his growing IT problems. He called his local VAR and the dawn of the Managed Service Provider had come and it’s never stopped evolving.


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