About Us

Vijilan offers world-class IT security services

Vijilan is an information security monitoring company that protects networks through continuous monitoring. Our continuous monitoring includes threat detection and response services in near real time. We deliver the technologies, processes, and people as a monitoring service primarily through Managed Service Providers (MSPs). These security monitoring services meet the needs of small and midsized businesses as well as distributed networks of larger enterprises.


In order to do this, we invested heavily in advanced cloud-based Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) and combined that with our own US based Security Operations Center (SOC.) We then staffed our SOC with highly skilled security engineers and Incident Response Team (IRT) to analyze and respond to threats 24x7x365. 


Welcome To Vijilan

With our unique approach in working with MSPs and their clients, we are able to provide a world-class security monitoring service that surpasses expectations at the best possible price point.  Our market leading security monitoring solution, ThreatRespond, is the first security monitoring service offering that has been serving the MSP community and their clients in Finance, Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, Government, and legal services since 2014. 


Vijilan operates out of its headquarter in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where its Security Operations Center is located. Vijilan collects billions of events daily through its agentless log management solution from thousands of devices and hundreds of distinct networks globally. Vijilan's Incidents ResponseTeam responds to thousands of security incidents through its own US-based Security Operations Center (SOC).


Our Mission

The mission of Vijilan is to provide the highest quality of security monitoring services to IT Service Providers and their customers. 

Our Vision

Vijilan believes in protecting the world against cyber threats through continuous monitoring of everything that is connected to the internet.


Keys to Success

We believe in these guiding principles:

  1. Utilizing the right technology and expertly trained staff
  2. Utilizing automatic detection to respond proactively
  3. To continuously improve our technology and expertise
  4. To surpass our valued partners' needs and expectations

 At Vijilan, we strive to not only meet our goals but also surpass our partners’ needs without jeopardizing our core values.


 In order to ensure our success, we place the customers’ needs above our own.


 The growth of our business should always occur within the framework of benefiting the community and environment. Learn more about our social outreach programs here.


 The only way we will achieve our goals and maintain our vision is through teamwork and respecting that diversity makes us stronger.


 Our business is based on respecting each other; we strive to place our ethics and morals above personal gain.



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