Referral Program Communication
21 Apr 2017
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To our valued partners,

In an effort to say thank you for your valued loyalty, Vijilan is offering a unique referral opportunity to the benefit of both the referrer and the referred.

As one of our partners, if you refer another MSP Vijilan will credit your account to the value of $200 which may be used against your next invoice. For the referred MSP, Vijilan will offer a credit which will provide one month’s free access to our world-class 24/7 monitoring and security service.

Please note that if you refer an MSP no other partner can refer that MSP. Thus, if you refer an MSP, no one else may refer the same MSP.

Please contact us if you have any further enquiries.

Ransomware Will Evolve
17 Mar 2017
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With WannaCry dominating news headlines for a week, the world got a taste of what the future of ransomware may look like. Unfortunately, the future is most certainly not bright. Creators of ransomware are highly organized groups that on paper resemble companies in terms of structure and professionalism. The sole aim of such malware is to generate profit and such organized crime groups know their market incredibly well. Once your files become encrypted after infection the ransom note details how to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, and how to pay the ransom in order to have files decrypted. The amount needing to be paid is carefully considered, normally amounted to a few hundred dollars. So while the situation is infuriating, many victims decide to pay and hope it will not happen again.

Logs: The Forgotten Security Solution
6 Jan 2017
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The ever changing threat scape faced by organisations on a daily basis can keep staff, owners, and investors up at night. The ever present threat of a malicious cyber-attack can destroy an organisation no matter how big it is. How to combat and protect invaluable data in this cyber mine field? The answer lies in security log collection and analysis. What are logs? Logs, or security logs, are essentially record events either on a single device or a network as a whole. Logs record data such as logon events, object access, policy changes, privilege use, and system events just to name a few things recorded. Why are logs essential to cyber security?


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