Why Should You Hire A Professionally Managed SIEM Solutions Provider?

13 Feb 2019
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The efforts of Security Incident and Event Management, which is otherwise known as Security Information Event Management (SIEM) solutions providers cannot be overemphasized when it comes to managing and preventing CyberThreat especially now that its incidence is on the rise. SIEM is simply an overall process involved in monitoring, identifying, recording and analyzing security incidents or events within a real-time information technology (IT) environment and centrally store the relevant data. Also, SIEM solution providers generally carry out their tasks with the help of systems, software, appliances, or a combination of some of these items.


In this article, I will be sharing some of the reasons why you should hire a professional managed security services provider for preventing your IT facilities from Cyberattacks.



1. Compliance to Regulations:


It is a fact that almost every organization operating in any business is bound by one or two regulations and it is not always easy to maintain this compliance even if you try to attain it. Employing the services of a professional managed SIEM solution provider will help you to address all these compliance requirements.


2. Efficient and Fast Response to Incidence:


In making incidence response more quick and effective, you need the service of a professional managed SIEM solution provider. This is so important because if incident reports are poorly managed, your IT infrastructures would have been attacked and the security of all the vital data on it compromised before noticing it.


3. Detection of Hidden Incidents:


There are so many incidents that could expose you to Cyberattacks and some of these, under normal circumstances will not be identified until the damage has been done. Hiring a professional managed SIEM solution provider will guard you against such attacks as they terminate your connection to such malicious acts.


4. Gathering of Data for Forensic Purposes:


Whenever there is a case involving the authenticity of data in a court of law, the data must have gone through a forensic investigation before it can be used in such a situation. Having your company data up to this standard can only commence when its security is assured and this is only possible with the help of SIEM service provider.


On a final note, it should be noted that having a SIEM solution provider does not automatically translate into 100% security from both internal and external cyber security threats, they need to constantly monitor logs and alerts, the security team needs to be dedicated as well as carrying out regular maintenance on the IT facilities.


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