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13 May 2017
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Vijilan offers a 24/7 fully managed SIEM solution. Let our award winning product be your constant companion when sailing the cyber threat sea.


Fundamentally, when looking to incorporate a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution two options are available to organisations looking to implement a SIEM solution to strengthen their security posture. SIEM is also becoming an increasingly important in adhering to compliance standards. Those options being:

A 24/7 Fully Managed SIEM
Self-Implemented SIEM


Why choose a Fully Manged SIEM over self-implementation? In answering this question it is wise to look at what was once the limiting factors to implementing a SIEM solution:

Cost of Implementation. In general only incredibly large organisations can afford to implement their own SIEM. The implementation and hiring of trained staff can easily go into the millions of dollars for a comprehensive solution.
Purchasing Standalone SIEM solutions. As the cost of self-implementing a complete solution excludes small to medium enterprise, a standalone SIEM can be purchased. While you would adhere to compliance requirements you will not have the correct correlation rules and staff trained and experienced in threat detection.
Incorrect understanding of the potential threats an organisation is open to. Often once implemented the organisation believes that they are protected against all threats. Lack of experience and knowledge of best practises still leaves organisations vulnerable.
Flawed correlation rules. Having correct and up to date correlation rules are needed for effective protection and prevention. Flawed correlation rules will increase the amount of false positives and negatives the organisation will be alerted to, wasting time and ultimately money.
Under staffed security departments. Experts feel that 3 to 4 full time staff members are needed to correctly analyse the amount of data collected by logs. The trend amongst organisations is to have 1,5 full time staff members on average. While keeping costs down protection is jeopardised.


While self-implementation and standalone products are currently hampered by the above mentioned flaws have been witnessed. In an ever changing threat landscape unless you are not hampered by budget constraints self-implementation can be effective. Fortunately, a fully manged SIEM solution goes a long way in correcting those flaws.


Advantages of choosing a Fully-Manged SIEM. The following are advantages of choosing a Fully Manged SIEM:

Significant cost reduction. By choosing a fully managed solution no massive capital outlay is needed other than the monthly subscription fee.
Highly trained staff. Fully manged service providers are able to provide highly trained and experienced staff who can provide greater insight in threat detection and response.
Much better correlation rules. The experienced staff combined with the service provider been able to draw on multiple industries and organisations to fine tune their correlation rules.



Vijilan goes further to correct the flaws experienced by both self-implemented and standalone SIEM solutions by:

Vijilan has a dedicated 24/7 Security Operation Centre (SOC) and Incident Response Team (IRT). Our company boasts a fully trained and staffed SOC and IRT for monitoring and responding to threats in record breaking time.
Vijilan continually fine tunes correlation rules. In depth analysis of the client’s needs and threat parameters allow for better correlation rules. Added to this we have clients in multiple industries and over 15 years’ experience in cyber security to further enhance this ability.
More than competitive pricing framework. Many other fully managed providers charge a rate dependant on events per second. Vijilan charges a subscription fee per device to bring more value to small and medium enterprises.
Partnering with MSPs and MSSPs. This allows small to medium enterprises to have the best protection possible at a fraction of the cost.

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