How Can A Managed SOAR Provider Help You Minimize Cyber Threats?

20 Feb 2019
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Cyber threat is a common phenomenon in the world of computer technology and continuous measures are supposed to be in place prevent this threat. The fact remains that it is not a task you can successfully carry out by yourself especially if you have a very large infrastructures. The best bet is to employ the service of a managed Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) provider. SOAR technologies allow organizations to collect and aggregate large amounts of security data and alerts from a vast range of sources which assists human-led analysis, as well as those done with machine, also help in the standardization and automation of threat detection and in remedying it. Most firms primarily deploy SOAR solutions in their security operations centers (SOCs) due to the fact that many of these firms currently focusing on cyber security are experiencing staff shortages because they either cannot find or afford to hire the experts they need.


This write up shows four ways how a managed SOAR provider can help you minimize cyber threats.

1. Quick Response to Security Events:

Since you are not certain when your infrastructures might be attacked, it is vital you have a system in place that can quickly respond to such cyber threat by identifying what is happening and stopping the attack before causing an irreparable damage to your facilities. That is exactly what a SOAR provider can do for you, they have tools that speed up this process such as to totally combat the threat or reduce the damage.


2. SOAR Simplifies the Investigation Process:

Apart from the fact that SOAR makes security investigation faster, it also makes it easier. In the case of a potential threat, SOAR tools can on their own investigate low-level alarms and then escalate only the most vital information for human intervention, thereby making the whole process something easy to handle since the source of the attack would have been known.


3. It Improves the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Whole Operations:

When you need to manage a whole lot of security technologies, it has a way of getting to you in terms of fatigue. Can you imagine having to switch between different systems which can increase of the chances of making mistakes? SOAR provider have systems that can help you to automate all these processes and with a better incidence response capability than what you can get from the human incident response team that manually carry out most of their operations.


4. SOAR Providers Deliver Better and Quality Intelligent-Driven Tasks:

New cyber security threats are emerging every day and there is a need to have an in-depth understanding of the tactics and procedures used by these attackers. SOAR helps SOCs to be intelligent-driven by aggregating and validating data from different sources, including threat intelligence platforms, exchanges and security technologies such as SIEM, intrusion detection systems, firewalls and UEBA technologies. This makes the security personnel to make better informed decisions as well as accelerating incident detection and response.


In conclusion, there are numerous ways a managed SOAR provider can help you minimize cyber threats but I am sure these four reasons discussed in this write up are enough reasons for you to consider hiring them for the security of your infrastructures.

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