How Can an Active IRT Help You to Deal With Corporate Data Theft?
26 Feb 2019
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It is not a question of "If" a cyber attack occurs but a question of "When" will the cyber attack come, and daily, both large, mid size and small organizations are coming to the realization that running a business efficiently in this age of sophisticated cyber attacks will need adequate preparations and planning.

How Can A Managed SOAR Provider Help You Minimize Cyber Threats?
20 Feb 2019
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The cyber threat is a common phenomenon in the world of computer technology and you can't successfully carry out by yourself if you have a large infrastructure. This write up shows 4 ways to minimize cyber threat by a manages SOAR provider.

How Has Cyber Threat Challenged Modern Business Operations?
15 Feb 2019
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Modern businesses are daily facing different types of cyber threat attacks that are evolving day by day and getting more sophisticated.

Why Should You Hire A Professionally Managed SIEM Solutions Provider?
13 Feb 2019
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The efforts of Security Incident and Event Management, which is otherwise known as Security Information Event Management (SIEM) solutions providers cannot be overemphasized when it comes to managing and preventing CyberThreat especially now that its incidence is on the rise.

5 Key Difference between SIEM & SOAR
5 Feb 2019
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In basic terms, a SIEM gathers and analyses the data produced from different sources, recognizing issues and raising the underlying security cautions.

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