What Are Different Types of MDR Security Services

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Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a widely known cybersecurity system provided by service and software vendors. Being a generally accepted security approach, many business organizations enjoy an expansion of MDR, and a few more services, such as MEDR, MXDR, and MNDR, are added to improve the service. There are several top MDR security platforms, and they are available for companies to explore. However, they come with different features, prices, and verdicts. Some MDR security services are as follows:


SecurityHQThis type of security service is known for its incomparable modules and customized MDR packages made to suit the need of a customer by bringing together the activities of human skills and threat intelligence to improve the events of context and analysis.

System components such as Network Flow Analytics, and User Behavior Analytics, come together to constitute an additional layer to cybersecurity systems when SecurityHQ’s Detection and Response system is in place. This analytical formation helps in the discovery of harmful insider activities, detects a breach in the security system, and provides accomplished visibility.


  • Security provides 24/7 threat detection response, including; Threat Triage and Threat containment.
  • MDR SecurityHQ is attainable to Real-time dashboards, client integration, 15-minute network security threat response, and ticketing.
  • Provision of daily, weekly, and monthly accounts, featuring a structured statistical chart, carried out by analytical practitioners to reveal emerging data security threats, incidents, and risks.
  • Offers 6 Security Operation Centre (SOC) worldwide.
  • With security, the threat is monitored 24/7 to probe, discover, notify and take action on potential and incident threats.


  • SecurityHQ helps companies to feel safe by delivering visibility daily, and this is carried out throughout the year.
  • They function as support to organizations and have over 200 experts to their advantage.
  • They work together with others to provide solutions designated to the need of a client or an organization.


MDR 30-Day is available for trial, and you can obtain a summary of its pricing information.


This is the right MDR security service for networks. With crowd strike, your system security can be provided with security endpoint protection. CrowdStrike can provide a defense warranty of about $1M. But this may apply to only a few regions. CrowdStrike Falcon Complete Team is a top MDRS solution platform that includes components of Falcon OverWatch, Falcon discovers, Falcon Insight, Falcon prevent, and Falcon team. The complete team comprises experts providing security endpoint protection daily.


  • CrowdStrike consists of components of Falcon OverWatch, available for threat detection, notification, and protection against network security invasion.
  • CrowdStrike also safeguards the system against malicious attacks.


It is easy to use a CrowdStrike Falcon MDR security service. It has modules and functions that can deal with any endpoint security. There are security experts available daily and always ready to deal with all security notifications and incidents.


Crowd strike can be available for a free trial, but it will depend on each endpoint subscription. Falcon workspaces and Falcon prevention can be available for $6.99 every month.


CynetCynet is a good MDR security service that can be suitable for small security teams in a business environment. Cynet provides complete detection and prevention solutions, and it operates a daily MDR service, excluding extra charges. Defense solutions, such as Cynet 360, are designed with modules of XDR and MDR services to prevent system threats.


  • Cynet MDR provides investigations, notification monitoring, technical threat reports, advanced threat hunting, and incident response services.
  • Cynet investigates threats without any intervention, and back to the root cause, and provides remedies to any attack done on the host.


Cynet 360 is a security structure that provides services in MDR and XDR daily. It has an automated correlation and monitoring that offers complete workflow visibility. Operating with Cynet MDR security service provides workflow automation across environments with an incident response as well as advanced monitoring.


Free trials are available on Cynet services, and you can also get a summary of all pricing information.


Recommended for incident response and anticipated system threats. This solution platform ensures the detection and response of cloud activities as well as the provision of full cloud support. This solution system includes incident response every hour.


  • Secureworks has simple live chats and readily available experts to communicate outcomes in unpredictable events.
  • Undiscovered threats can be easily detected with Secureworks.
  • The response and threat hunting system of Secure works deals with application actions, questionable users, and network and endpoint services.


Secureworks come with cloud supporting architecture, allowing it to respond to and detect activities from Office 365, AWS, and Azure platforms. It is a system solution that is combined with the expert knowledge of a security analyst and improved security analytics.


You can obtain a summary to know the pricing information.

SentinelOne Vigilance

SentinelOne is best for improving the company’s security system by assessing threats and responding to them daily. It is a client-focused MDR service. It is responsible for threat review, activities, documentation, and escalation.


  • SentinelOne services categorize cybersecurity threats by ActiveEDR+ Storyline, Intel, feature extraction, expert analyst, and logs.
  • It can reveal anticipated threat escalation.
  • It includes threat reducing and resolving features.


SentinelOne security service can uncover advanced cyber threats and also respond quickly and appropriately to all notifications. It offers 24/7 threat response and assessment services and provides escalated activity prioritization.


You can obtain a complete summary of SentinelOne’s pricing information.


It is important to look into the security system of your company’s network, whether it is a large or small-scale business. Security attacks can affect organizations of all sizes and cause a series of damages that may never be recovered. Hence, protecting your business can prevent cybercriminals from hacking into your company’s data when you have a strong cybersecurity solution.There are different MDR security services available for you to support your company’s difficult situations. All of these MDR security services are recommendable to ensure effective cyber protection. When it comes to providing high-tech security solution, Vijilan is the best. You can schedule a free demo to checkout comprehensive security solutions available.


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