SIEM Solution Guide: Why is it an Essential Investment for All Business?

A recent review by the government shows that 80% out of 100% business owners rely on network security operations being an elevated priority for their top management committee.
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A recent review by the government shows that 80% out of 100% business owners rely on network security operations being an elevated priority for their top management committee. Working from home has also been why considering network security is vital for those in the IT sector and organization owners. These businesses and individual sectors will be required to prioritize the probing and management of security events to keep their operations running smoothly and securely.

Security management is never an easy operation where there is a rise of complex IT environments added with a steadily rotating network security scenario. IT operators are also required to design an efficient network security structure with the evolution of cyber threats occurring daily. This equipment can help in cyberattack prevention and protect the functions of their services. The actions of investing in SIEM solutions for businesses are many, as can be seen here.

What is SIEM?

What is SIEM

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a progressive approach to security management that adds security event management and information management functions into an existing security management system. It retrieves security information from the system network and uses analytics to detect threats, discover trends, and allow your organization to make inquiries on any system notifications.

IT consultants configure a SIEM solution to safeguard the IT hierarchy from outside attacks. This security management can also be set up to keep threats and provide data protection solutions by instinctively managing detected threats. However, SIEM should be screened at a close range by expert engineers to deal with more complex attacks without leaving anything behind.

Why SIEM is an Essential Investment

Investing in the SIEM system

SIEM is an essential investment for all types of businesses because it allows business owners to have an achievable security network by isolating a considerable amount of security information and making security notifications created by the software, a front liner. Due to adequate security information and event management software, organizations and enterprises can discover data incidents that were initially undetected.

The software can resolve complex log entries, which helps in indicating both current and previously unidentified harmful activities. The system also collects outcomes from several other sources throughout the network. It then creates a new attack schedule and allows an organization to determine the nature of the threat on the system and how it can affect the business.

Investing in the SIEM system can help business individuals to satisfy compliance requirements. This is done by creating automated information reports that contain all the security details of events across these sources. SIEM software is a very efficient investment for companies. Many establishments would get stuck on compiling log data and manually gathering reports without using it to get the job done more accurately and at ease.

Security information and event management go a long way in improving incident management, thereby allowing the security consultants of a company to identify the course of an attack on the system. It is a cyber security benefit, and it helps discover the source that has already been breached. Also, it automatically provides the necessary tools to stop the Attack from making advancements to cause more problems.

Some of the general benefits of SIEM include the following:

  • SIEM reduces the amount of time taken to identify unique threats and minimizes the damaging effects of the system threats.
  • It provides a complete view of a company’s data security environment by making it easy to analyze and gather security data. While it keeps the system protected, the company’s information is kept in a close location for safekeeping and easy accessibility.
  • Organizations can use SIEM for many functions that rotate around logs or information, including audit and compliance events, security programs, troubleshooting, and help desk.
  • It grants a tremendous amount of data support to companies, allowing a flow of data and scalability.
  • It allows companies to detect impending attacks on their system through security notifications.
  • It performs a specific investigation to analyze the occurrence of both past and current security breaches on the company’s network.

SIEM solution also has some downsides, and they include the following:

  • Although SIEM is an effective tool, it takes a long time to work because it needs adequate technical support before an accomplished integration within a company’s security management and the host system is guaranteed. Typically, it can take 90 days or more to successfully install SIEM before operating.
  • SIEM is an expensive investment. The first-time investment can cost your company hundreds of thousands of dollars. The later amount can sum up to about the initial one. It can include the amount for personnel management, screening all SIEM implementation, yearly support, and agents or software to retrieve information.
  • A few SIEM systems are controlled directly in the centralized scope of network security operations. The inside operation has many data security individuals to solve problems related to the company’s network. Integrating, configuring, and analyzing detailed reports can only be done by security consultants that are experts in the field.
  • A SIEM tool that is not configured correctly can fail to accomplish some important security occurrences, leading to poor risk management in data security.
  • Usually, SIEM tools rely on laid-out rules before recorded information is analyzed. This can be a downside where a company’s security generates many daily notifications that may be either positive or negative. This can result in poor identification of the main Attack due to insignificant amounts of log information.


SIEM is one of the most vital investments your company can align with, to obtain a landscape of security management operations. If you neglect SIEM features and tools in an era of consistent cyber-threat, you will be at risk of open attacks. We, at Vijilan, provide extensive SIEM updated search features, send notifications to your cyber security team, and retrieve information from several sources within the company’s technical facilities. Book a free demo with our experts to know more about how this works and benefits organizations.


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