5 Reasons Why Businesses Need Network Firewall Security

When it comes to cyber security, many businesses give poor attention to managing their IT needs.
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When it comes to cyber security, many businesses give poor attention to managing their IT needs. Whether you are operating a small business or a large one, network security services rank as very important elements necessary to operate a smooth online business and in the cloud. Therefore, all businesses need a protective network firewall security, as it is a crucial part of tightening your security, as well as safeguarding your business against all forms of online dangers like DDoS, malware, and data breaches. The five reasons why your organization should invest in network firewall security are as follows.

What Is a Firewall?

A firewall can be a software or hardware network security system that protects a reliable network from unwanted approaches from external threats and networks. When comparing an antivirus and a firewall, antivirus software helps in preventing unauthorized programs from gaining access to your system, while a firewall prevents all external dangers or cyber attackers from getting unwanted access.

Nearly all single services and products offer limited security, but a firewall provides complete security, as it has become an elementary requirement for businesses in Australia. A firewall does what other forms of network security cannot do- it critically examines all the information passing into or going out of your network. It also ensures that the influx of network traffic into the system is authorized, such that it can protect your company’s system from getting attacked by malicious users.

The following are five reasons why your business needs network firewall security:

1. Firewalls Protect Your Business from Getting Hacked

Firewalls Protect Your System from hacked.

It is easy and common for cyber hackers to launch their attacks on a company’s systems through the means of social engineering. You need to train your employees against cyber hacks, as cybercriminals often introduce several tricks online to trap employees that are vulnerable into providing them with sensitive information. Even though it is necessary to provide your workforce with high-quality network security training, it is also very important to invest in firewall security to solve your business security needs once and for all.

Firewall security protects the information of your company comprehensively, by sending you notifications, every time there is an unwanted approach in your network. Some of this malicious software is often attached to incoming traffic of the network, and your firewall can block them immediately. You can purchase a single firewall or go for a combination of software and hardware firewalls, capable of doing both functions. It is also a good idea to buy a firewall that has antivirus protection software.

2. A Firewall Allows You to Block the Entry of Unauthorized Websites

Many unapproved users try to access the company’s systems daily and they can be granted the privilege to steal sensitive information if the system is not well secured. This is why investing in firewalls protects against such unauthorized invasion, by blocking some suspicious websites from your user’s accessibility. You can stop your workforce from browsing unsuitable websites, or websites that have harmful downloads attached to them while using the company’s system.

For example, you should not allow employees to use the company’s system to browse gambling or pornographic sites. It is also necessary to stop your employees from browsing suspicious shopping sites, by blocking all access to such sites. With a network firewall’s security, you can control the online activities of your employees when they are working with the company’s system. Also, exposing your network to inappropriate websites can be prevented by minimizing the access to your network while working, and this can prevent malware from entering your system.

3. A Firewall Protects Your Business From Harmful Code

Firewalls are security services that are used to keep computers safe from virus attacks and other harmful software. They help in watching out for incoming and outgoing information with dubious activities. You can set up your firewalls to notify you of impending attacks, or when a third party is trying to use an illegal entry to steal your business information.

The notification alerts normally improve the entirety of your cyber security stability and makes your business, easy to operate online. If you keep receiving repeated notifications, there is a need to imply that your company’s system has detected several threat actions, and the best line of action will be to protect yourself using security defense with a strong network response plan against network interruptions during an attack.

4. A Firewall Allows You Set Bounds to Amounts of Bandwidth Usage for Specific Programs

Firewalls can be used to set boundaries to the amount of bandwidth usage, which is available for specific data types. It can also be used for network control. Firewalls can control the use of certain information, by restricting the amount of bandwidth readily obtainable for transmitting video or several other media files. You can set up a firewall in a way that allows only certain types of traffic to gain entry into your network. For example, you can allow some individuals to use your office printer and still set boundaries that prevent exposure to some malicious websites.

5. A Firewall Can Be Used to Provide VPN Services

Firewall Used to Provide VPN Services.

VPN is a virtual private network that uses encryption or coding technology to protect the communication shared by two parties at intervals. Normally, an influx of codes can be transmitted across public networks that are not secured like the internet and carry some harmful software along with it without the user knowing about it. Firewalls will not only conceal information sent between your work office and your company’s system, but they also act as an entry point that joins your wide area network to your local network area.


Firewalls are crucial in the network security system of your company, which is why you should use them to protect your company’s information, monitor traffic, and stop the suspicious invasion of malicious applications into your system. You can have a proper firewall configuration if you hire a trusted cyber security provider to set it up for you.


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