Vijilan Release Day 2020

Watch the recordings of our release event reviewing our last 5 years and new releases! We made exciting announcements and hosted informational sessions.
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On December 8th, Vijilan hosted a special event to look back on what we released in 2020 and announced our new offerings and support for additional types of log sources. We discussed new ways we could better serve MSPs, MSSPs and their customers.
Additionally, we had members of our security team discuss how Vijilan is always investing in new technologies to be leveraged against your threats. We will gradually release the recordings and update this page with them as they are published.

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Vijilan Insight

Vijilan is constantly enhancing its solution based on our MSP partner’s feedback. We have been busy over the past year developing a state of the art security monitoring solution that allows you to scale your offerings and improve profitability.

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