On every MSP website you come across, the term ‘trusted provider’ does not lack on a marketing statement. However, the big question that any consumer should ask is: “Is my trust really worth their services?”

Attacks on Supply Chains are Constantly Risking MSP operations… The Problem is That Even their Clients are not Safe When Such Attacks Occur.

A value chain, third party, or supply chain attack often happens when a cyber attacker hacks a system via an outside provider or partner with access. These types of cyber threats have changed how attacks are being approached in recent years. Weekly appearances of more providers and vendor victims show that sensitive data for more entities are under risk.

Being an MSP, you are also a potential vector. You may already be aware of this. If not, I am sure by now, you have caught up on the news. Any vendor or service provider acts as a potential threat vector.

Many hackers now realize that service providers are smooth roads to multiple targeted victims. Like any other human-led organization, MSPs are capable of making mistakes, and they too have a lot of considerations, to sum up.

MSPs try to limit their budget, thus employing minimal security measures, in the same way, that other prospects get a shiver at the thought of spending much on invisible cyber threats. To make the situation worse, some MSPs entirely lack to take measures to protect their infrastructure.

It does not help to be one of these MSPs. Service providers have a responsibility to close up any loopholes that subject a supply chain to the risk of cyber-attacks. As we bare this responsibility for all MSP partners, they do the same for government offices, medical institutions, Schools, Financial centers, plus any form of business that trusts MSPs with their records.

You will only prevent a supply chain attack by employing one factor: A 24/7 cybersecurity monitoring.

If there were any other way that an MSP could make sure that hackers are not trying to penetrate through their systems, then we would have recommended it by now. Monitoring all gateway firewalls and customers, directories that remain active is critical when looking for malicious traffic. It would be best if you had tools such as 24/7 monitoring and SIEM so that threats do not go unnoticed.

Have you tried building resources that help run a SIEM or invested in a SOC 24/7 team to work out recommended surveillances? If not, you need to get your budget right and have both. Better so, you can give the Vijilian support team a try. Our SIEM infrastructure and SOC that works 24/7 was crafted with MSPs like you in mind.

The point is, you want the term ‘trusted provider’ to have a definite meaning to your possible clients. This is the only way to keep your business active while getting more clients signing up for your services. This will only happen when you monitor your internal data and network to protect your clients.