Vijilian labs offer amazing products, including the ground-breaking managed detection and response. All SIEM solutions will mostly rely on gathered and analyzed logs. The main difference is in how the SOC or security operation center operates. While many of such systems are designed and processed as solely threat detectors, Vijilian’s SOC works in both detection and responses.

This helps us not only detect threats, but also develop effective responses while engaging our team of well-trained researchers and professional analysts. These teams actively aim to identify and neutralize these threats. When all factors are included, our team ensures the best protection to keep a company’s downtime at a minimum.

Vijilian Labs’ SOC

SOC SIEM MSP solution

There is no other way that our security recommendations would be regarded as world-class without a world-class SOC. This has made us invest massively on the right pieces of technology. The right technology keeps us ahead in automatons from threat detection. This is, however, only a detection solution technology and not one that helps us respond appropriately.

Companies need security systems that help them detect and respond to incidences while keeping them from escalating or causing financial damages that would have otherwise been prevented. Here is where our passionate staff members come in. The Vijilian support team is always committed to getting our clients the right technology for their business security needs. This combination effectively works to detects and respond to cyber threats within an acceptable period.

Vijilian Experts

There are four main activities that our SOC operation teams, who work 24/7, take responsibility for. These are:

  • Feeding the automation detection programs with the right threat intelligence
  • Watch out for internal threats by monitoring user behavior
  • Learning the favored vectors of threat actors to understand how they operate
  • Refreshing their knowledge on updated forms and methods that hackers use to plant an attack.

Using such improved tactics to keep your company’s premises and technological assets from cyber hackers can cost a business thousands of dollars. We have not even mentioned the human resource needed. However, we have come up with a way to make our services more budget-friendly and ideal for different industries.

We understand that the most significant limit to getting a functional SOC that covers all necessary aspects of a business is always a question of the price tag. This is why many small businesses are wary of investing in cybersecurity. To make it worse, such matters are viewed as unnecessary threats since some invasions can go for months without detection.

However, with Vijilian labs, such monetary concerns will not be a matter to hold you back. We have tailor-made solutions on monthly subscriptions to help you gain access to our world-class services. You can start with a free demo to see how our services work and then commit to our SOC to protect your firm from cyber intrusions.

Think of it this way; you get the SOC and a skilled team of experts all under one budget. Try us today.