Cybersecurity is a prevailing concern for most businesses today regardless of market and size. This is why every company needs a security policy to protect all its technological aspects. A good business security policy should crystalize the company’s philosophy, attribute, and culture in the effort to build action statements, processes, and procedures.

In as much as every business will use a different content draft and scope for security policies depending on its services, one factor is unchangeable across all sectors. Every security policy need not be a product list but rather a living document. This means the security policy needs to remain compliant and scalable. Scalability ensures the policy keeps evolving with the change in requirements for security iss

issues that any security policy needs to address includes:

  • Location and physical security
  • An employee web conduct that is acceptable in line with the company’s values
  • Integration of security backups, upgrades, and maintenance
  • Responses in case of security incidences and how to address them
  • When the business needs an emergency continuity, who is the contact person?
  • Procedures concerning employee termination, system patching, and BYOD
  • Email usage and encryption

To this effect, the following documents will come in handy. All are available on our partner portal.

  • Communications Security Policy
  • Access Control Policy – ISO 27001
  • Encryption Policy
  • Email Use Policy – ISO 27001
  • Human Resource Security Policy – ISO 27001
  • Information Security Policy
  • Information Security Governance
  • Incident Management Policy
  • Internet Use Policy
  • IT Assessment Management Policy – ISO 27001
  • Operation Security Policy
  • Partner Policy
  • Process and Procedure – Security Access Review (SAR) Process
  • Process and Procedure – Privilege Access Request (PAR)
  • Physical and Environment Security
  • Third-Party Security Policy
  • System Acquisition and Development Policy

A company can benefit from a comprehensive policy in the following ways:

  1. It enhances the security posture of the company at large
  2. Keeps the company prepared when it comes to compliance and security audits
  3. Operations are more efficient
  4. The company remains accountable to users and stakeholders
  5. It helps in building a strong strategy when communication and policy enforcements are in question.

Build a Comprehensive Policy for Your Business

Thanks to the many alarming headlines of yet another company facing a cyber-attack, any MSP should already understand their clients will need the assurance of a proactive security policy for their protection. Not only do you need a plan with enforceable procedures, but you also need one with processes that keep clients secure.

There’s no doubt about the diverse nature of different businesses. However, many of the security issues remain the same. For this reason, all businesses need an assessment of security compliance. Are your employees vigilant with cybersecurity practices, such as continually changing passwords? Does the company have standard procedures in case of a cyber threat? Are your risk management systems in a regular audit of effective working?

The Vijilian support and professional cybersecurity team are always ready to come to your rescue for any cybersecurity concerns. We have a robust security policy that keeps our MSP clients at low risk. Contact us today for more inquiries.