It is not too long that businesses used manual systems in daily workflow. Today, companies are increasingly employing technological solutions to operate system automations. You will notice different technological tools used for hundreds of functions incorporated in various aspects of the workplace.



This move is not only affecting big corporations but also small companies are embracing the changes. Financial transactions, email correspondence, and e-meetings are all affected by a transition in technology. Consequently, this gives the cybersecurity team more work to monitor a business’s technical safety, thus protecting its daily operations.

The only way we would understand how a cybersecurity team comes into play when protecting a business is by looking at the adverse effects of not having such a group. What if companies did not have a fully-funded cybersecurity strategy, working for its advantage?

Watching from History Records

A day barely goes by without news on cyberattacks to a large corporation.

  • Around 40 million credit and debit cards’ records fell into the wrong hands in 2013 after hackers intruded hundreds of target stores.
  • The numbers shot up in 2014, which forced businesses to look into their cybersecurity strategies. For Home Depot alone, about 56 million payment card records were stolen if not being at risk. Hackers were even bold enough to hit the great entertainment company, Sony Pictures Entertainment, which made them lose millions of dollars. The company was intruded on by a computer worm, The Guardian of Peace. It collected over 100 terabytes of data that included 47,000 employees’ personal information and other vital work documents.
  • After successes in such attacks in 2014, 2015, and 2016, hackers found this to be a beneficial activity and focused more on conglomerates plus large companies. At least 53% of large corporations reported having had some level of data breaches. KasperskyLab drew an analysis report on this matter, which revealed 758 million malicious intrusions in 2016. This could mean the launching of a cyberattack every 40 seconds.
  • As the years go by, the attacks get more intense and frequent, with 2017 recording even more of such threats.

The Real Elaboration of Cyber Attacks

When it comes to cyber-attacks, both big and small companies are at risk. What you will not openly hear is that at least 70% of affected businesses lose a significant portion of their market, which consequently means loss of credibility. To make matters worse, half of these companies eventually go out of business in less than 12 months.

Understanding the role of cybersecurity firms such as Vijilian labs can lead us to talk about thousands of technical terms. This might include ransomware protection, DDOs, phishing emails, and so on. However, I could summarize all these by saying, ‘Cybersecurity forms the protective heart of any large and small business. A team of well-trained security experts watch for specific threats and search for abnormal activities to help keep your company protected.’ This simply means that every company needs a cybersecurity team to guard its business’s wellbeing.

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