As outlined in a report by ResearchandMarkets’ Managed Services Market in 2017, two primary reasons cause businesses to turn to IT service providers. These are regulatory compliance and cybersecurity. The demand for IT experts in security continues to build up as a response to the growing numbers of high-profile security and ransomware attacks. Such breaches affect both corporations and government agencies.

Companies that have a relationship with Managed Service Providers will also need the assurance of cybersecurity solutions. As there are many cybersecurity elements, MSPs that want to grow need a one-stop-shop for all their security solutions.

How Does an MSP Offer Security Solutions?

The most basic place to begin for an MSP is in endpoint protection. This has to include malware scanning, managed firewalls, patch management, and spam filtration.

However, such measures are now termed as bare-bones since they do not protect a business entirely. Hackers are getting more aggressive, which means that companies need to use more advanced ways and more sophisticated techs for trustable network and data protection.

A comprehensive cybersecurity solution should have real-time monitoring plus threat responses. This should be even more vigilant for MSPs that work with verticals that fall under regulatory requirements.

Managed Security Service Providers and Managed Security Monitoring

It is easy to offer MSP managed security. However, the big question is: “Does the Managed Service Provider have the required resources to offer 24/7 protection?” When an MSP decides to be more vigilant with security infrastructure, it must be responsible for logging, threat responses, troubleshooting, and maintenance, just like any other corporation. There will also be some level of increased duties, which is a significant risk for any MSP.

Although the increase in resources and risk can keep MSPs from being at their best with cybersecurity, neglecting it altogether will not be the best way to handle the situation. This could even cause an MSP a chance for growth since clients will not feel secure to work with such a business.

Why You Should Work With Vijilan?

This is where Vijilan labs come in. Our solutions, purposefully built for MSPs, allow value-added resellers and several channel partners to distribute advanced security solutions to their clients. They can do this without having to worry about resource burdens and added risks. The security operation center carries the task of searching and sending responses of any threats around the clock. This way, businesses do not have to worry about not detecting and responding to possible dangers.

White-labeling permits our partners to distribute Vijilan security solutions as the Vijilan support team makes sure that we remain valuable to all associate partners.

At the end of it all, the choice narrows down to an MSP owner. You can decide to go the hard way and take on full responsibility in building and maintaining a security operations center or partner with Vijilan labs to make your work easier. Either way, these solutions will continue to become more essential as the years go by.