Keeping up with cybersecurity techniques can be a challenging endeavor. It is your cybersecurity system’s responsibility to follow up on alerts and pop-ups that happen continuously and when they are unexpected. You also need to be protected from cyber-attacks before they occur.

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While we understand that you might be too busy to personally deal with your business’ cybersecurity activities, leaving the work to distrustful hands is not the best way to go about it. Also, the investment needed to keep your defense forces in check is not little.

There is a rampant increase in the number of organizations that suffer from leakage of data. For this reason, Vijilian labs recommend the SOAR system, Security Operations, and Automation System. This system helps you keep your budget in check by automating several manual operations. It helps with time management, which leads to a happy security team.

There are three main areas that drive your budget insane when it comes to security operations. These are:

  • Technology
  • People
  • Procedures
  1. Technology

While technology is the ultimate security that any cyber threat requires, it is also an expensive investment. You will need several devices to serve purposes such as risk insights, examinations, and threat chasing. It is not enough to acquire these tools; you will need to update and maintain them occasionally, which means an added cost.

  1. People

This is a budget that is even capable of outdoing the technology budget, and in most cases, it does. You not only need to think of a team but also that which is skilled and experienced in recent cybersecurity trends. When experts are rare to find, their cost is quite high and could be twice as much as regular security personnel. Daily operations on SOC are costly and could cost more if errors occur.

  1. Procedures

Procedures are massive in this case. You will need time for setups and all the interim procedures until execution. This time is money, which includes the cost of testing, performing, and maintaining.

Give a Second Look to Your Cyber Security Budget

It does not matter how big or small your company may be; there will always be a limitation on your finances.

SIEMs have their limitations as well. Some of them include insufficient production of information, incorrect affirmatives, scaling issues, and sometimes the problems can be detected to merging data and more. Such futilities cause an investment downside on SIEM systems.

Thanks to Big Data Analytics (BDA), you can quickly resolve such issues while taking care of your budget. This system makes security operations easier for businesses and also budget-friendly, which consequently means that you can focus more on making profits. It is not an either-or kind of investment but rather a combination of both.

While this looks like you are investing more than you should, in the long run, you will be saving more than you might have if not for the combo solution. The SOAR + BDA also improves your time management.

Looking for ways to work on your security issues efficiently. Talk to the Vujilian support team for more information.