The DEF CON conference is always a must-attend event. However, are you sure that all your devices are protected from a possible cyber-attacks? You must be thinking that there’s no way that this could happen since it would be a contrite spirit for the event. But why take the chance. It will help if you keep your phone and laptop out of reach for cyber attackers at all times.SOC SIEM MSP solution

The place to begin is in patching both your hardware and software. Running an update is often the natural part protection from cyber-attacks, and you will not need too much effort to get it done. To make sure that you are even more vigilant, try using penetration testing applications, which will alert you on any missing patches. Mobile App Scanner and Quark are great options for your mobile phone. Such applications allow you to scan for possible loopholes, patch your device, and then scan it again to ensure that all potential issues have been fixed.

While patching keep you guarded against exploits at a 99% efficiency, what of zero-day exploits?

Zero-day vulnerabilities are coded treasures used by hackers. Such exploits are not yet patched since the software developer is yet to discover them. Such exploits only require that a hacker gets communication with your equipment. You can only keep such attacks from happening by sealing all ports and blocking malicious IP addresses. In short, keep all possible server communications between your devices and hacker in check.

You can set your phone on airplane mode and independently deactivate all wireless protocols such as Bluetooth and NFC.

Apart from keeping your devices secure against active intrusions, it would help if you also watched out for social engineering. Never let strangers borrow your appliances, especially your phone, or leave them unattended. Also, do not accept anyone to download questionable apps. Only share your private data when you are sure that it will be in the right hands or don’t do it altogether,

It is not always easy to always be ahead of cybersecurity trends, especially for vector hackers. However, Vijilian labs are well-equipped to handle these concerns on your behalf. You can use our SOC specialists to monitor every aspect of your network, 24/7. This will help you look out for potential threats.

We also have a package that is specifically tailored for mobile devices such as your smartphone and laptop. Our services will come in handy, especially for those planning to attend the DEF CON 2019 and BlackHat Conference. We will help you monitor your devices while you are busy enjoying the conference.

In case of any concerns and threats, you will get a notification from the Vijilian support in less than five minutes. This will give you enough time to mitigate any possible damages and switch off from the network until you are sure that the coast is clear. Any logging, identification, and reaction to cyber threats within emergency mitigation time is our business. Talk to us today for more information.