Role of Cyber Security to Reputed Business Conglomerates

Over the past few decades, we have increasingly seen the trend of manually fueled labor move to an increased technology reliance for today’s businesses. Technology tools come in all shapes and sizes with a variety of functions and are being embedded into all aspects of the workplace.

From telephone communications to email correspondence, e-meetings, financial transactions and the transferring of sensitive documents, businesses both large and small are all utilizing one or more technological tools. This is making the role of cyber security and the team that monitors a business’s data safety and security truly essential in protecting the operations of a business.

But to truly understand the importance a cyber security team plays in a large business, let’s look at the dangers and disasters that can be caused by not having a fully funded and functioning cyber security strategy and program.

History is The Best Teacher

Almost daily, there is news about a new cyber attack on a large company-

  • In 2013, hackers struck hundreds of target stores, stealing data of up-to 40 million debit and credit cards owned by shoppers.
  • In 2014, these attacks intensified requiring a need for businesses to up their security. Even at that, Home Depot admitted that the data of 56 million payment cards was stolen and could be at risk. Not only that, during this time, hackers pulled one of their most daring strikes against Sony Pictures Entertainment that cost them millions of dollars after they were attacked with a computer worm called “The Guardians Of Peace“. This worm stole 100 terabytes worth of data including large quantities of personal information from over 47,000 employees and their confidential work documents.
  • Because of their 2014, 2015 to 2016 successes, hackers focused their now sophisticated attacks on large companies and conglomerates. Up to 53% of large companies claimed to have experienced data breaches at one level or another. According to an analysis published by KasperskyLab, about 758 million malicious attacks occurred in 2016 alone (when broken down, that is a cyber attack launched every 40 seconds)
  • As if that was not enough, in 2017, these large attacks increased with more frequency, intensity and sophistication.

The Reality About These Attacks

No business either large or small can be ruled out from the possibility of being attacked by cyber criminals, but what the news rarely says or people pay attention to is “about 70% of businesses lose a large portion of their market or even lose all credibility after a successful cyber attack and half of those companies go out of business within a year.”

When asking “what is the role of cyber security to larger business,” I can simply start spitting out technical terms about how you can protect your company from ransomware, phishing mails, breach of data, DDOS attacks..blah..blah..blah and so on, or I can really tell you what to do.. And not bore you with computer jargon.

In simple terms, “cyber security is the lifeline of any large conglomerate, your cyber security team are the guardians and protectors, always watching for any threat, always searching for any abnormally in order to protect the company and its data. A robust and expert cyber security team allows large businesses enjoy the benefits that technology provides without getting burned and having to experience the dark side of tech.” Every company must have a well equipped cyber security team, protecting your business and well being.