Cyber security is in a state of perpetual flux. Your cyber security system must keep tabs on continuous alerts that pop up when you least expect them. It is also important to be proactive and protect against cyber attacks before they happen. We understand you have your hands full with your business needs, but beware, it is not a  good idea to offload the responsibility of saving your organizational data into the wrong hands. Plus tour investment in re-enforcing your defense forces is not an inexpensive proposition.

With so many organizations suffering from data leaks and to sustain safe operations, we recommend installing a Security Operations and Automation (SOAR) system. It will help your budget to stay within limits and utilize automation so you can control a number of manual tasks. This helps to buy more time and keep your team satisfied. This system will save you a great deal of time and most importantly puts the brakes on a burgeoning  cyber security budget.

The three pillars where you have to invest money include:

  • People
  • Procedures 
  • Technology



The most costly and complex fund allocation for your security tasks is acquiring gifted staff for your security group. With expert security forces being such a rare asset, this cost is twice as much for associations that perform a large portion of their security tasks themselves. Having SOC examiners filter through alerts  throughout the day is expensive. It also makes for a higher chance for errors which will increase cost even more.


Procedures, albeit an indispensable piece of your security tasks can be a serious unwieldy from the point of setting them up to executing them. The quantity of time and assets setting up, testing, performing and keeping up with each procedure is enormous. 


Technology is one more element of cyber security where associations can experience real cost issues. You need a few devices for various purposes, from- e, threat chasing, risk insight to examination. Plus what about the constant costs  of keeping up and updating these tools. 


Financial limitations stress every business, big or small. 

siem soc solutions

Protecting numerous business devices can be an expensive proposition.

SIEM has a lot of limitations. It can be seen directly- from making false affirmatives, insufficient display of information, scaling issues, the rundown can continue to merging data problems and  more. The futility to associate risk intel crosswise over stages is a noteworthy downside with SIEM systems. 

Big Data Analytics (BDA) resolves these difficulties with a security budget that brings advantages to your operation. It will make your cyber security simpler and less expensive so you can concentrate on making profits. The combination of BDA + SOAR is a wise allocation of your resources. It will save you your all important time and energy!