Planning to attend the BlackHat Conference or DEF CON 2019 in Las Vegas? If so, you’re probably asking yourself how to protect your electronic devices while knee-deep in a hacking convention. Sure, malicious activity would violate the spirit of the event, but why take a chance? What if a hacker gains access to your phone? Your laptop? Your personal data?

Good security starts with patching your software and even hardware. It’s usually quite easy to check for updates, but if you want to take it a step further, there are many penetration testing applications that you can use to detect a missing patch. For mobile devices, try Mobile App Scanner or Qark. With these applications you can scan for vulnerabilities, patch your device, and then run another scan to to make sure the security gaps have been eliminated.

Patching will protect you against 99% of exploits — but what about zero-day exploits?

Hackers often code (and treasure) what they call zero-day vulnerabilities. These are exploits that have yet to be patched, typically because they’ve yet to be discovered by the software developer. For these types of exploits, a hacker only needs communication to your device. The only preventative measure is to block ports, block the malicious IP, and basically sever communication between the hacker and your device. Airplane mode is always an option on mobile devices. but don’t forget other wireless protocols such as NFC and Bluetooth which will need to be deactivated independently.

Even with no exploits or active hacker intrusion into your device, you still need to wary of social engineering. Do not let strangers borrow your phone, leave your device unattended, or install questionable apps. Most importantly, never give out your private data willingly.

Staying abreast of all the attack vectors hackers use can be daunting, but at Vijilan we have a team of cybersecurity professionals dedicated to doing the work for you. Our SOC specialists monitor your network environment 24/7 always on the lookout for potential threats. We can even monitor the phone and laptop of everyone at this conference in real-time and respond to a threat in less than 5 minutes. Logging, identifying, and reacting immediately to cyber threats is our business.

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