Vijilan’s great product offerings include our ground-breaking Managed Detection and Response. Essentially, all SIEM solutions rely on the collection and analysis of logs. Where the difference comes in is in what the Security Operations Center (SOC) does. Many are developed and operated solely to detect threats, however Vijilan offers a fully managed detection and response offering. This means that we not only detect threats but actively respond to them, engaging our expertly-trained researchers and analysts to actively look to detect and neutralize threats. This ensures that the best possible protection is offered while company downtime is kept to a minimum.


In order for us to offer a security product that would be regarded as world-class, we would need to have a SOC that is world-class as well. To that effect, we have invested heavily in insuring we have the right technology. The right technology enables us to use automated detection methods, however this technology alone only enables us to detect threats, not respond to them.

In order to respond effectively and prevent threats from escalating and causing massive financial damage, a SOC needs to be staffed by passionate experts. At Vijilan we are committed to pairing the right technology with the right people to make sure that threats are detected and responded to in an acceptable time frame.


Our Experts
The experts who staff our SOC, which operates 24/7, are responsible for four thing that help insure that not only can we detect and respond to threats, but we can evolve to face an ever changing threat landscape. Those four things are:
– Applying threat intelligence to the automated detection programs
– Monitor to user behavior to detect inside threats
– Understanding how threat actors attack and their favored vectors of attack
– Be able to hunt new forms and methods of attack


In order to implement the solutions offered by Vijilan within your own or your client’s organization, it could cost millions of dollars. Due to the massive price tag associated with SIEM deployments, Vijilan approached the problem using their experience and unique outlook to be able to offer a world-class service and a low monthly subscription.

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