Vijilan alerts manage service providers (MSP) of any security breach.

We protect organizations against cyber threats through continuous monitoring.  We have the technology, people, and processes to deliver premium cybersecurity monitoring solution that is cost-effective and scales as your business evolves.  

Threats are inevitable. Monitoring is everything!

Regardless of the size of the organization, if the business is connected to the internet, it is at risk of cyber-attack. Here is what you need to know about cybersecurity monitoring:


Cybersecurity requires monitoring

Guaranteeing an organization’s safety includes detecting any malicious and unusual activity, which takes time, expertise, and the right technology.

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Threats can occur outside office hours

This is why it is essential to have dedicated security experts and systems that will be working 24/7/365 to monitor your client’s network.


Data retention is important

The retention of log data for a certain time is required for regulated industries such as finance or healthcare. In addition, the stored data can be used for further investigations.

Our core competencies

We are the last line of defense when hackers have already passed through the organization’s security appliances and tools. To offer an end-to-end solution to businesses of any size at an affordable price, these are Vijilan’s core competencies:

  • 049-file-002

    Log management

    A continuous monitoring system requires robust technology and advanced processes to collect logs from on-premises or cloud sources. Such a solution must translate them into standard events before submitting them to a storage destination for the necessary lifecycle.

  • 049-in-time

    Real-time detection

    Detecting potential threats in real-time requires an innovative data analytics platform and a team of cybersecurity experts who can manage a library of detections based on events, enriched data, and threat intelligence feeds.

  • 049-analytics

    Security data analytics

    A security solution able to identify alerts and incidents before determining threats is essential to optimize the triage and investigation processes using Vijilan’s portal or your own ticketing or professional service automation (PSA).

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Why Vijilan?


Continuous security monitoring focused

Cybersecurity is a broad and complex topic. Therefore, specialization is key to deliver excellence.


100% MSP Channel

Rest assured, no direct sales. Our growth is your growth.


Premium value at fair price

Technology is a medium, not an end. MSP-oriented solution accessible to small and medium size organizations.

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Ever since our first years of operation, Vijilan has been getting recognition for the services we provide to our partners and their clients. Here are some of the awards we received in the past 7 years:

Best Cloud Solution 2018

ChannelPro SMB Forum

Most Innovative Solution 2018

ChannelPro SMB Forum

Most Innovative Solution 2017

ChannelPro SMB Forum

Security 100 Coolest Security Vendors 2016


25 Emerging Vendors You Need To Know About 2015 - USA


Best New Solution 2015

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